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Kitchen Remodel : Flushing, New York

This remodel, which took place in Flushing, New York, provided a few challenges. The original space was cluttered and poorly designed. The kitchen only measure 8 feet by 7 feet wide. There were cabinets on three of the four walls. The fridge protruded into the space causing a very claustrophobic feel. It was evident, as shown in the “Before” photos below, that a complete remodel was in order.

The Issue:

  • Small kitchen
  • Cluttered space
  • Not functional
  • Outdated

The Mission:

  • To create a functional attractive space with a modern look and feel.

The Design:

To create the look and function that the homeowner desired we decided on 42 inch cabinets that would extend to the ceiling. A slab door design combined with horizontal door pulls would create a modern look. A light-colored glass backsplash with a stone mosaic accent would complement a light-colored granite while providing a contrast with the dark-wood cabinets. A light colored porcelain floor would also contrast the cabinets while complementing the granite and the backsplash. Since this kitchen was located in a studio apartment it was decided that 24 inch studio-sized stainless steel appliances would be the perfect fit.

The Construction:

The sink and the fridge were relocated to opposite corners. This allowed for a more functional space which was further de-cluttered by only installing cabinets on two of the four walls. The doorframe was also removed to create a wider entrance. The existing flooring was removed and the subfloor leveled before new 12 x 12 porcelain tiles were installed. Further function was achieved by installing GFI outlets on either side of the sink and a wall switch for the under cabinet lighting. See the "before" and "after" transformation in the photos shown above.

Posted Comments

"Wow, what a transformation!"
April 3, 2012
dreamyspaces - Philadelphia, PA
HGTV: Rate My Space
"What a beautiful small kitchen! I'm about to renovate my small cluttered kitchen can't wait!"
March 20, 2012
yviecat - Oceanside, NY
HGTV: Rate My Space
"great transformation!!"
March 20, 2012
LogansMom - Bowling Green, KY
HGTV: Rate My Space
"Very nice."
March 20, 2012
pineconepeg - Upstate NY
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