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Kitchen Remodel : Forest Hills, New York

This co-op kitchen was untouched since the 1960s. The space was small only measuring 8 x 7. There was no space to comfortably fit a fridge. The vinyl flooring was unsightly as were the cabinets and counters. The space was simply outdated and in need of a major renovation.

The Issue:

  • Small kitchen
  • Inadequate electric
  • Poor design
  • Outdated

The Mission:

  • To expand the space and give it a modern look and feel.

The Design:

The size of the kitchen was expanded by removing a wall that separated the kitchen and an adjacent closet. This created much needed space for the fridge and pantry. The homeowners chose a 42 inch cinnamon-colored slab door cabinet and a dark-colored granite was chosen as the counter. A fiery distressed porcelain tile covers the floor while a 3 x 3 light-colored ceramic tile serves as the backsplash. The colors of the granite counter and the cabinets are nicely represented in a glass mosaic accent. Added under-cabinet lighting and stainless steel appliances complete the design.

The Construction:

Due to the outdated electric the kitchen was completely rewired. GFI outlets were added along with dedicated lines for the fridge, microwave and dishwasher. The door frame to the entrance was removed and we combined the kitchen with an adjacent closet by removing a wall. The plaster walls required additional blocking to support the new cabinets and the new layout required the sink and stove to be relocated. After all the plumbing and wiring were completed the walls were plastered and sanded. The vinyl tile was removed, the floor leveled, and the porcelain tile installed. After the cabinets and granite were installed the backsplash area was lamented with sheetrock to create a much smoother working surface. The results were spectacular. See the "before" and "after" transformation in the photos shown above.

Posted Comments

"perfect. the only thing I would have done different is to have sprung for a slightly deeper refrigerator end panel to hide the gray side."
March 10, 2012
HGTV: Rate My Space
"Wow those before pictures...You did a wonderful job turning that tiny,oudated space into a beautiful kitchen I would want to cook in. Hard to believe its the same tiny kitchen...great use of space"
Feb 28, 2012
sunnyheart - New York, NY
HGTV: Rate My Space


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