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Laundry Room : Manhattan, New York

An unfinished storage room was converted with plumbing and electrical components to support this co-op laundry room. 220 volt electrical lines were needed for the electrical dryers and underground waste and water supply lines were needed to for the washing machines. The walls were a combination of exposed cinderblock and brick and the floor was unfinished concrete.

The Issue:

  • 220V Electrical lines needed
  • Underground plumbing needed
  • Venting needed for dryers
  • Unfinished walls and floor

The Mission:

  • To convert a basement storage room into a functional laundry room.

The Design:

The co-op board wanted a finished look for their new laundry room. To achieve this it was decided that the walls would be covered with a light-colored 12 x 12 porcelain tile and a matching 16 x 16 tile would be used on the floor. A 2 x 2 mosaic would be used as an accent to circumvent the room. The appliances would be front loaded Huebsch washers and dryers. And to keep the room as finished as possible the electrical and plumbing would be concealed.

The Construction:

The first order of business was the plumbing. Waste lines and a floor drain were installed for the washers which were then connected to the existing underground line. Next we brought in the 220 volt lines for the dryers from a panel in an adjacent room. The dryers were positioned where they could most easily be vented through an exterior wall. New metal framing was erected in front of the exposed cinderblock and brick. This allowed for the new electrical and plumbing to be concealed. The 16 x 16 floor tiles were installed with a pitch to direct water toward the floor drain. A slop sink was added for functionality. And finally a new window and fire-proof door was installed. See the "before" and "after" transformation in the photos shown above.


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New Jersey Reg. # 13VH07426900
General Liability Insurance - $2M
Umbrella Insurance - $1M
Workers' Compensation

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