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Kitchen Remodel : Yonkers, New York

This remodel, which took place in Yonkers, New York, provided a few challenges. The original space was cluttered and poorly designed. There was not enough storage. The kitchen only measured 10 by 7 and it was completely isolated from the living room. There was no dishwasher and the fridge protruded into the space causing a very claustrophobic feel. It was evident, as shown in the “Before” photos below, that a complete remodel was in order.

The Issue:

  • Small kitchen
  • Cluttered space
  • Isolated
  • Outdated

The Mission:

  • To create a larger and more inviting space with a modern look and feel.

The Design:

To create the look he wanted the homeowner decided that the upgrade of the kitchen would involve quartz counters, an under mount sink, stainless steel appliances, under-cabinet lighting and Bordeaux-colored horizontal cabinets. European bar pulls and frosted glass inserts were chosen to give the cabinet's a nice modern look. But the most important design element was to create a pass-through and extend the size of the kitchen. This was accomplished by cutting through the living room wall and stealing real estate from the dining area. A light-colored ceramic floor would extend from the kitchen into the dining room and provide a curved transition to the existing hardwood flooring.

The Construction:

The wet wall was cut open to create a 7 foot pass-through. Three inch stack and vent pipes were relocated to create an unobstructed view while the gas line was rerouted to place the stove on the other side of the kitchen. The plumbing was modified to accommodate a water line for the fridge which was relocated to the other side of the room. The kitchen entrance was widened and the half wall to the dining area was removed to create a flat unobstructed wall of cabinets. A moisture barrier was added to the subfloor and ceramic tiles were installed. Further function was achieved by installing GFI outlets on either side of the sink and a wall switch for the under cabinet lighting. Electrical wiring was also added to accommodate recess lights in the ceiling and pendant lights in the pass-through. See the "before" and "after" transformation in the photos shown above.


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