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Kitchen Remodeling & Renovations

So you're ready to renovate! There are many factors to consider before you start your renovation or remodel. Time spent now will be money saved later. The more you plan the better chance you'll have of achieving the results you want.

The first lesson to be learned with renovations is flexibility. Every plan or design is not always possible. There will be factors that will affect the outcome of your kitchen design and some are not immediately obvious. In many instances you will be confined by such factors as size and shape. Sometimes it will be possible to change these factors but not always. Another confining factor can be the location of your plumbing. Your fantasy kitchen may require your sink to be on the other side of the room but the current location of your plumbing might not agree. I would definitely recommend that you start with a design that is as close to your fantasy as possible but always remember to remain flexible.

Once you have decided on your kitchen design you should consult your contractor. He or she will be able to advise you on the plausibility of the design as well as the cost. Once you have decided on a plausible and affordable kitchen design it will be time to move to the next step…Shopping. This is where you find the look, style and function you want for your kitchen. This is where you must put all the pieces together; Finding the right size, color, model, tile, cabinet, excreta. But be careful. You can't just go willy-nilly and buy any and everything you want. Be mindful to consult your contractor with the aspects of your purchases. As a home improvement contractor, I am always looking over the shoulder of my customers to see if what they are about to purchase will work within the confines of their space and design. There are many nuisances that can occur, like the refrigerator that's too tall for the cabinet, or the sink that's too deep for the drain, or you bought a four-hole sink when there should only be three holes.

I try to warn my customers of the most common mistakes ahead of time. A good example involves dishwashers and countertops. If your kitchen design calls for a stone countertop such as granite, be mindful that the installation of the dishwasher must account for this. Dishwashers normally install by screwing into the underside of the countertop. This will prevent the dishwasher from moving when you open and close it, or from "doing a little dancing" when you run it. Stone countertops don't play nice with screws so needless to say, someone is going to be put on "timeout."

Obviously, it will not be possible to screw the dishwasher into the underside of a stone countertop. The solution is to purchase a dishwasher that has an adaptable mount. Instead of screwing into the underside of the countertop it will also give you the option of being able to screw into the base cabinets on either side. This will save your newly renovated kitchen from the irritation of a "dancing" dishwasher.

What To Expect

Once you have purchased all of your fixtures and finishing materials it's time to put your plan in action. It's time for construction. But before we get to construction we must first go through destruction, a process better known as demolition.

During the demolition process there will be dust. As a contractor, I am always mindful of dust control. It is a very important aspect of every job. Although it will not be possible to achieve 100% dust containment, I always try to come as close as possible.

Expect change orders. What are change orders? A change order is additional work that is not included in the terms of the contract to be performed by your home improvement contractor. Change orders usually rear their heads after the demolition process is over. They usually appear in the form of rotted wood, corroded pipes, or sometimes, mold. Hopefully there won't be any mold or rotted studs but if so, it will have to be addressed. This type of condition usually falls under the category of unforeseen circumstances, additional work and usually results in change orders.

Expect to be inconvenienced during your kitchen renovation. Unless you have the luxury of more than one kitchen in your home you can expect to be without a kitchen anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks depending on the scale of your renovation. There may be times when the water and electric will be shut off in order to move forward with the project. I always try to avoid such utility interruptions but there are many instances when these interruptions are unavoidable. In these instances I plan ahead so as to keep them to a minimum, usually an hour or less.

Expect to be called on to make decisions. In almost every kitchen renovation there will be decisions to make. Whenever possible I try to keep my customers involved in the decision process. If there is a choice to be made that falls into the category of personal preference I will give the customer the opportunity to make that decision. Communication is a very important aspect of the renovation process. It's important to be specific and clear with your ideas and thoughts. Always remember that good communication will prevent costly mistakes and keep the project running smoothly.


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