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The type of bathroom sink you choose for your renovation is mostly dependant on personal preference. There are some confining factors such as space and plumbing configuration, but that aside, there are three major types to chose from; pedestal, wall mounted, and vanity. Within these three main categories there are many variations of material and style.

PORCELAIN-ENAMELED CAST IRON is one of the more traditional materials from which sinks were made. This material is extremely durable and is easy to care for, but it's heavy and needs a sturdy support system. Due to its weight and price not many of today’s sinks are made from this material.

VITREOUS CHINA is easy to clean, and is the most resistant to discoloration and corrosion. If you desire a beautiful gloss finish then this is the material that will meet your expectations. The drawback to vitreous china is that it can be chipped if struck hard enough.

FIBERGLASS can be molded into novel shapes. It doesn't hold a shine as well as other surfaces and is not as durable.

CULTURED MARBLE is another material that is very economical. Despite what its name implies, cultured marble contain no marble whatsoever. It is a man made material that is somewhat translucent and has many of the characteristics of hard plastics. Abrasive cleaners will destroy the finish.

STONE sinks are durable and heavy. They include materials such as marble, granite, soapstone and onyx. These materials tend to be more costly and may require maintenance such as resealing.

GLASS is also used a material from which bathroom sinks are cultivated. Despite being made of glass these sinks will not shatter. They are thick and tempered. They are available in a range of colors and are more modern in style.

Pedestal Sink

The pedestal sink is a classic floor mounted model that is found in all kinds of bathrooms. Whether your bathroom is small or sprawling, a pedestal sink is elegant enough to be the focal point or small enough to be the perfect space saver. As the name suggests, these sinks are mounted on top of a pedestal and is fastened to the wall for stability. Pedestal sinks can be found in many modern and classical styles. They are made from materials such as stone, glass, copper, porcelain, vitreous china and more. Different styles accentuate different designs and personal tastes. It is clearly obvious that these sinks offer little counter space and no storage but the frequency with which you use your bathroom will help dictate if a pedestal sink would be a good fit. Seldom used guest bathrooms, for example, probably won't require as much storage or counter space, so a stylish pedestal sink could be the perfect fit.

Wall-mounted Sink   |  Wall-mounted Vanity

Wall-mounted sinks come in traditional and modern styles. The more traditional wall-mounted sinks were economical and easy to install. The plumbing was not concealed and they offered no storage space. Wall-mounted sinks are often used for wheelchair accessible bathrooms because they have a clear space underneath and are therefore wheelchair friendly. Most modern wall-mounted vanities are considered stylish and upscale. Depending on the style you choose, today’s wall-mounted vanities can provide storage, concealment for plumbing, and are available in every color and shape imaginable. When considering a wall-mounted vanity it is important to note the orientation of your bathroom’s plumbing. All the water lines, waste pipes, and shut-off valves must be within the area that will allow them to be concealed by the vanity. If they are not then you will have to either choose a different vanity or move your pipes.

Vanity Sink

Bathroom vanity styles vary from the most contemporary to antique. Vanity materials range from wood to veneers and MDF to glass, metal and more. Vanities can have doors or drawers or both. If you’re considering a vanity with drawers you must be mindful of your bathroom’s plumbing. The wrong orientation will cause expensive installation problems. Many vanities are designed to accommodate a stone counter with a separate under mount sink while others have counters that incorporate the sink. The newest style to enter the bathroom vanity line is the vessel sink. These vanities are shorter in height to accommodate a sink that sits on top of the counter rather than in it. If you’re considering a vessel sink you must keep in mind that most vessel sinks require special faucets that are taller than normal.


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